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10:00 - 17:30Les 3 temps de la valse : technique, musicalité, variations
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The 3 times of the waltz: technique, musicality, variations

Waltzing, swirling, whirling around …

What about a week of waltzes on most diverse and stirring music? Based on a repertory of various waltzes, this workshop offers an approach of the dance* as much technical as intuitive.

Do you want to waltz properly? Get into the technical aspects allowing you to turn better? Feel more relaxed in your body? Learn how to let yourself go in the dance? Become a good leader as much as a good follower, find the adequate posture, spare your energy and communicate in the dance?

Would you like to sense more about the musicality of those waltzes? Get to catch the musical subtleties which can feed your steps? Offer yourself the possibility of playing with rhythm and variations?

In a playful, creative, friendly, and respectful atmosphere, we propose a travel among all those aspects, with as an extra, some discovery moments of other kinds of waltzes, besides the ones we’ll be using as main material.

So join us for twirling week, we’ll get up and waltz!

(* The kind of waltzes (Viennese, Swedish, auvergnate, musette, cajun, slow, irregular etc.) will be chosen according to the group.)

The evenings are usually shared with the teachers and participants of about twenty other dance and music courses, with concerts, initiations to other disciplines, balls, Belgian beer and crazy evenings.
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